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Welcome to the Truth Facts Lies website!


This site is dedicated to presenting topics and information essential to view and understand in order to “get a handle on” what is going on in OUR WORLD and to Facilitate the “Awakening” of as many folks as can be reached.


The original working title was WTF? (obvious) or What’s The Truth? but in an age of so much Information/Disinformation, Good Intention/Bad Intention (Yin/Yang, Good/Evil) there is no way for someone to present the “Truth”. One of the most valuable things that activist/teacher William Cooper ever taught me was “Don’t Believe Me, Go Out And Vet This For Yourself”.


Much Time and Research has gone into bringing you this information by myself and especially the folks whose work is referenced in these pages, even Loss of Life!


Please, Explore these Pages, Watch the Documentaries, Read the Articles, think about the information presented and then try to decide for yourself what is going on. Think about what you can do to help “Awaken and Educate other folks and How We can take Informed, Collective Action to save Ourselves and Our Planet.



Don’t let the Serious Nature of these Topics and Information Stop you from Investing the Small Amount of Time Necessary to Inform and Educate Yourself for Your Sake, the Sake of your Children and Your Children’s Children!


Remember that in the United States, all Representatives in the Public Trust ( Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Local Representatives, Judges, Police Officers, etc) Serve (Work For) and at the Discretion of its Citizens and that they Must take an Oath of Office Swearing or Affirming that They Will “Support and Defend (Uphold) the Constitution of The United States from Enemies both Foreign and Domestic”. To not do so is “Treason” requiring “Due Process of Law” and Punishment when Proven!


It appears that many have proven they either Can’t or Won’t Support and Defend (Uphold) the Constitution of The United States. Even those with “Good Intentions” We need to be able to decide for ourselves what should be done and how we should proceed.


The U.S. Constitution

The Most Important Link Of All.